If you could choose any special place in the world to live, then surely St. Francis Bay would feature high on your list. In order to preserve our village and its amenities, it is critical to have an Organization that works with the Local Authorities to preserve our Environment and to Maintain & Improve our facilities. The St. Francis Bay Residents Association fulfils this role.

The St. Francis Bay Residents Association consists of Portfolios on The Beach, Municipal Services, Canals, Environmental, Land-Use, Nuclear, Tourism, Fire Protection, Social Services, Finance, Security, Valuations and Secretarial & Communication.

Regular emails are sent out to all Members keeping them informed about matters in the village and alerting them to issues that need their attention. The SFB Residents constantly interact with the Municipality in order to improve service delivery and act on behalf of residents where required.



Your Residents Association has planned a get-together with the residents of this town at the St Francis Bay Golf Club at 5:30 on Thursday, 3rd September.  Join us for a glass of wine or a beer and let’s share our thoughts and ideas.

We are desperately looking for ‘new blood’ as well as appealing to the younger generation to become more active in the future of our town.  The current Chairman, Nigel Aitken, will be stepping down at the end of this year after serving two years as Vice Chairman and now two years as Chairman.  There are other long serving committee members that will also be standing down.  With this in mind we are looking for enthusiastic people to join the committee.   The future of this town is in your hands and 2016 will be a very important year especially with the Municipal Elections taking place.

The Provincial Authorities have praised your Residents Association for its proactive approach and in their opinion we are the best run Residents Association in this region.  We need to be able to continue to build on this.

All those interested in attending should contact Jacky Green on 042-200-1404 or contact@sfbresidents.org as we need to confirm numbers for catering.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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A Tribute To A Stalwart Resident

ianWe sadly record the passing on Thursday 6th August of Ian Fynn, a long-time resident of St Francis Bay.

Ian was an accomplished golfer but more importantly was largely instrumental in planning, building and organising the financing for the second nine at St Francis Bay Golf Club.  He was a member of the club for over 30 years and also held the position of Club Captain and Chairman.

Together with his wife Jean he created the Airpark and established the first vineyard and olive orchard in our little village.

Always community spirited he played a huge part in averting what could have been a totally disastrous flooding of Santareme by monitoring and helping to drain the huge dune pond west of the suburb.  Ian was also a longstanding member of the Board of Governors of St Francis College.

On behalf of the Residents Association and all residents we extend our condolences and deepest sympathy to Jean and the family.

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The CEO of the Kouga Windfarm is visiting St Francis Bay on the 6th August and all residents who are interested are invited to join them at the St Francis Links at 3pm.  The purpose of this meeting is to explore how the Kouga Windfarm can participate in projects that will benefit all in the St Francis Bay region.  The funds that they will be making available are significant and therefore we need to be supportive of their actions and I would therefore appeal to everyone to attend this meeting which will also have light snacks as well as drinks on the house.

Please also give consideration to any worthy project that they could support.

Please confirm attendance by responding to Ms. Babalwa Kani, the Community Liaison and Administration Officer, via email or contacting her on the numbers listed below.

C +27 (0) 71 682 5235
T +27 (0) 42 294 1929
F 0865383941
Email:  babalwa@kougawindfarm.co.za

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30th July 2015

30th July 2015


Mr Nevil Hulett is applying to build a restaurant on the commercial land that he owns on the canals.  Part of his request also includes a liquor outlet.  We gather that this should be a Public Meeting and that it should be advertised to comply with the Liquor Board regulations.

The venue is at Mr Hallett’s house at No. 7 Sunset Drive at 11am on Friday 31st July.

St Francis Bay Residents Association

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Sand River Bridge

29th July 2015

The current status on the building of the new bridge over the Sand River is that the tenders have been evaluated, however, because the contract is in excess of R15 million it has to be approved by a higher authority and it now appears that work will commence at the beginning of October 2015.  This is unfortunate and we hope that this will not inconvenience holiday makers.

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30 June 2015

The car park area at Ann Avenue has been blocked off for safety reasons by Council.  However, people are removing the barrier and parking in the car park area.  If you see anybody doing this please ask them not to as the access to the beach in this area is extremely dangerous.

St Francis Bay Residents Association

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