If you could choose any special place in the world to live, then surely St. Francis Bay would feature high on your list. In order to preserve our village and its amenities, it is critical to have an Organization that works with the Local Authorities to preserve our Environment and to Maintain & Improve our facilities. The St. Francis Bay Residents Association fulfils this role.

The St. Francis Bay Residents Association consists of Portfolios on The Beach, Municipal Services, Canals, Environmental, Land-Use, Nuclear, Tourism, Fire Protection, Social Services, Finance, Security, Valuations and Secretarial & Communication.

Regular emails are sent out to all Members keeping them informed about matters in the village and alerting them to issues that need their attention. The SFB Residents constantly interact with the Municipality in order to improve service delivery and act on behalf of residents where required.



26 May 2015


Hi Folks

I have been asked to clarify certain issues pertaining to the Beach Fund Appeal.  Especially covering, who is paying for what?

Quite simply this appeal is being made to those people who are not members of the Riparian Association or own beach front properties but to the rest of the community and businesses to contribute to those areas of our beachfront which are classified as Public Open Space and effectively belong to Council.  This Basic Assessment has to cover the entire beach including these areas and as we all know Council does not have the money to participate.  For us to be allowed back on the beach to conduct repair work a full assessment has to be conducted from the Spit to ‘Granny’s Pool’.

We have already had some significant response and pledges from both residents and businesses which is extremely encouraging.  As this fund is being administered through the Kromme Trust we would greatly appreciate your advising the Residents Association when you have made that payment to make us aware of the transaction.   This information is also required so that we are aware of how much money has been donated and we would also like to write to all donors thanking them for their commitment.

Best regards

Nigel Aitken
St Francis Bay Residents Association

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The St Francis Bay Residents Association has been requested by the Chairman of the Beach Committee to facilitate the distribution of all correspondence relating to the beach affecting all property owners in St Francis Bay.

The Department of Environmental Affairs has advised the Beach Committee that a Basic Assessment must be carried out by a professional organisation for our entire beach.  This has to be completed before any repair work will be allowed.  This assessment is going to cost in the region of R400,000, much of which will be funded by those people who are most affected.  Unfortunately this still leaves a considerable shortfall and we are appealing to all residents and property owners to contribute to this fund.  Your Residents Association Committee has unanimously agreed to contribute R50,000 to this project.

These monies must be paid into a Trust Fund currently managed by the Kromme Trust and any payment must clearly indicate that it is for the “BEACH FUND”.  The details of this account are as follows:-

Name of Account:        St Francis Kromme Trust
Bank:                            FNB, Humansdorp
Branch Code:               210115
Account Number:         5254 330 3540
Reference:                   Beach Fund (followed by) Erf Number

I am very aware that many of us are going through difficult financial times but would appeal to all residents and property owners to contribute an amount of R1000.  If you are not able to make that sort of commitment any donation will still be greatly appreciated.  The money in this Trust will be properly administrated and transparent to all.  We also make a further appeal to businesses in St Francis Bay to also consider making a donation.

Once this Basic Assessment has been completed we will then be allowed to continue repairing and protecting vulnerable areas.  While these repair works are being conducted Phase Two of the restoration of our beach and Spit will commence.  This will be a mammoth project.  A number of reports and surveys have been conducted on our beach over the last few years and will be used as the basis of developing a strategic plan.

The situation of the deterioration of our beach has reached a point where, if dramatic action is not taken, it could have a significant effect on the value of properties in our town as well as a drop in Tourism which will in turn affect many businesses in St Francis Bay.

If you have any queries or would like me to elaborate further you are more than welcome to contact our office on 042-200-1404; email  contact@sfbresidents.org.   Or my cell number 082-465-3719.

Best regards

Nigel Aitken

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