If you could choose any special place in the world to live, then surely St. Francis Bay would feature high on your list. In order to preserve our village and its amenities, it is critical to have an Organization that works with the Local Authorities to preserve our Environment and to Maintain & Improve our facilities. The St. Francis Bay Residents Association fulfils this role.

The St. Francis Bay Residents Association consists of Portfolios on The Beach, Municipal Services, Canals, Environmental, Land-Use, Nuclear, Tourism, Fire Protection, Social Services, Finance, Security, Valuations and Secretarial & Communication.

Regular emails are sent out to all Members keeping them informed about matters in the village and alerting them to issues that need their attention. The SFB Residents constantly interact with the Municipality in order to improve service delivery and act on behalf of residents where required.


18th December 2014

Final work had to be done to Ann Avenue’s access to the beach.  A big thanks to Duncan Lethbridge Junior who did this work, which include the off-loading of many truckloads of sand and the placing of thatch grass.  Even though the Residents Association requested Duncan to do this he did not charge us.  Once again a big thanks to Duncan.

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2nd December 2014

This was posted on the SFBRA Facebook page.  We have taken the liberty of forwarding this to the Municipal Manager, Mr Fadi, as further indication of the dissatisfaction felt by a Kouga ratepayer.

Bruce Anderson Just spent a week in St Francis Bay….cannot believe the state of the roads and very little effort being shown of repairing them – worst I can ever recall. The garbage in Humansdorp main street on arrival and on the road out to St Francis was disgusting. Likewise the dumping of garbage on the side of the road to Cape St Francis. Again, I can never recall the place being such a pig sty. The only place we saw council employees was around Harbour Road where they were picking up litter (there was not a lot to start with and a much of the time was spent testing the benches). Credit to the RA for their interventions, without which the area would be in a worse state but it is not acceptable that the Council is allowed to carry on in this manner. Full support for interventions/pressure/complaints to higher bodies

1st December 2014

To ensure the safety of holiday makers using the Kromme River your Residents Association paid for the printing of maps indicating where various activities can take place.

A big thanks to all those people who gave up their time on Friday to position over 50 buoys in the Kromme River so that boaters are aware where the channels exist.

These buoys, which were also paid for by the Residents Association, must  not be tampered with as they are there to ensure safety.  If anyone sees buoys being removed please report this to the office at the canal small boat harbour.

Beach Repairs After Winter Storms

Due to the damage of our beaches and revetments as well as accesses to the beach caused by winter storms your Residents Association has been forced to take action to repair some of these areas prior to the Christmas holidays.

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7th November 2014

After the recent sewerage spill adjacent to the College Nursery School and our complaints to Council, the Chairman of SFBRA went on an inspection with the foreman responsible for St Francis Bay sewerage.

The problem is that the blockages are invariably caused by fat which is discharged into the sewerage system and we appeal to all food outlets to ensure that their fat traps are in working order and regularly maintained.  This problem cannot be allowed to continue as it could become a major health hazard.

St Francis Bay Residents Association

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7 November 2014

The pothole team from Humansdorp has been very busy in St Francis this week, especially in Sunset Drive and surrounding areas.  This team, unlike our pothole team, is properly equipped and is able to do a considerable amount of potholes every day.  It is a pity that our pothole team, which is understaffed and underequipped are not given the right tools to repair potholes.  If they were they would be able to keep up with the constant deterioration of our roads.

A thanks to Council for allowing this team to be seconded to St Francis Bay, long may it continue.

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04 November 2014

The St Francis Bay Residents Association Annual General Meeting will take place on:

TIME: 4:30pm for 5:00pm
More details to follow shortly.
Please support your Residents Association. St Francis Bay Residents Association

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