If you could choose any special place in the world to live, then surely St. Francis Bay would feature high on your list. In order to preserve our village and its amenities, it is critical to have an Organization that works with the Local Authorities to preserve our Environment and to Maintain & Improve our facilities. The St. Francis Bay Residents Association fulfils this role.

The St. Francis Bay Residents Association consists of Portfolios on The Beach, Municipal Services, Canals, Environmental, Land-Use, Nuclear, Tourism, Fire Protection, Social Services, Finance, Security, Valuations and Secretarial & Communication.

Regular emails are sent out to all Members keeping them informed about matters in the village and alerting them to issues that need their attention. The SFB Residents constantly interact with the Municipality in order to improve service delivery and act on behalf of residents where required.



22 April 2015

Access to the beach at Ann Avenue.

This picture clearly shows the amount of damage to the tarred road at Ann Avenue

This picture clearly shows the amount of damage to the tarred road at Ann Avenue

We have had a number of people querying why the access to the beach at Ann Avenue is not being repaired.  Unfortunately, earlier this year both contractors doing repair work to our beach and the Spit were banned from the beach by the Department of Environment.  This ban was based on the fact that they did not have permission to access the beach.  Because of this no work is currently allowed to our revetments.

In the case of Ann Avenue there has always been a permanent access between the revetments which was used for emergency services as well as allowing contractors access to the beach to repair revetments etc.  We are currently in discussions regarding this issue with the relevant parties and have escalated it to Bisho with our concerns.  Once we have a clearer picture we will advise you accordingly.  It should be noted that your Residents Association paid for the repair to this access in November and around Christmas time due to the very high tides and large swells the whole area was washed away.  Duncan Lethbridge Junior, at his own expense, brought in a team on Boxing Day to conduct temporary repairs.

St Francis Residents Association

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